Review Panel

Abstracts submitted for the 2020 meeting will be reviewed by the following panels.

Panel 1: Motor and Sensorimotor Processes

Chairs: Andy Bremner and Marianne Barbu Roth

Panel 2: Developmental Neuroscience

Chairs: Claudia Männel and Audrey van der Meer

Panel 3: Perception

Chairs: Viridiana Benitez and Olivier Pascalis

Panel 4: Communication 1 (speech perception, phonology and word-level processes)

Chairs: Krista Byers-Heinlein and Thiery Nazzi

Panel 5: Communication 2 (syntax, pragmatics, signed, nonverbal, disorders)

Chairs: Jill Lany and Carolyn Quam

Panel 6: Attn, Memory and Learning

Chairs: Zsuzsa Kaldy and Rachel Wu

Panel 7: Cognitive Development

Chairs: Shannon Ross-Sheehy and Kiley Hamlin

Panel 8: Social Development

Chairs: Vincent Reid and Gabriela Markova

Panel 9: Emotional Development

Chairs:  Jennifer Ablow and Anjolii Diaz

Panel 10: Translational Science and Policy

Chairs: Nancy Suchman and Erika Bocknek